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Two ways to flex

Once we’ve approved you, using Flex is quick and easy. There are no applications or credit checks to slow you down at checkout.

You can use Flex in two ways:

Flex at checkout

Use your virtual Flex card to pay in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay, almost anywhere contactless is accepted. You can also pay online with the card details.

You may also get Section 75 protection on eligible purchases when using the virtual Flex card online or in-store. These are the same protections you'd get on a credit card.

There is no contactless limit on the card. You can flex any amount as long as you’ve got enough available credit.

Or later

Turn back the clock and flex an existing Monzo transaction from the last two weeks. Just tap and choose to flex it.

When you choose your instalment plan, we’ll take the first instalment instantly and then monthly on your payment date until you’ve paid it off.

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