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Monzo US Blog
21 June 2022

Manage your money and get visibility across multiple bank accounts

Track your spending, balances, and more all in the Monzo app when you connect your external bank accounts and credit cards.

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Monzo US Blog
13 May 2022

Supporting mental health and wellbeing at Monzo

At Monzo, mental health is just as important as physical health. These are a few things we've done to support mental health and wellbeing.

Monzo US Blog
27 April 2022

Interviewing at Monzo: an overview of our interview process

At Monzo, we hire for strengths and our interview process is designed to learn about those strengths.

Monzo US Blog
5 April 2022

Who are our users: 2022 survey insights

We sent out a survey to thousands of US users to get an idea of what to build next, but wanted to share some of the most interesting points we saw.

Monzo US Blog
23 March 2022

Monzo is working to build a more empathetic workplace

As we continue to build an amazing team and product in the US, we want to share a few ways in which Monzo helps create a more empathetic workplace.

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Monzo US Blog
1 February 2022

Monzo Moves from Beta to Public Launch in the US!

Today, Monzo is moving out of closed beta and opening Monzo to customers across America! The wait(list) is over – if you want a Monzo account, just download the app and apply.

Monzo US Blog
23 December 2021

New Year, New Budget

2022 is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to set some New Year’s resolutions, get your finances in order, and make a plan for the year ahead.

Monzo US Blog
15 November 2021

October Virtual Community Event Recap

The Monzo US team recently held our second virtual community meetup. We were super excited to share the progress from the past six months, as well as meet and answer questions from many of our passionate users!

Monzo US Blog
11 November 2021

Meet Nathan, our Head of Engineering

In the third installment of our “Meet the Monzo US Team”, we talk to Nathan Woo, our new Head of Engineering.

Monzo US Blog
26 October 2021

Scheduled payments, made easy

You can now see all your scheduled and recurring payments in one place within the Payments tab of your Monzo app.

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Monzo US Blog
16 September 2021

Introducing Salary Sorter

When you get paid into Monzo, our new Salary Sorter gives you the option to automatically divide up incoming payments into different pots, with the rest left in your main balance to spend.

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Monzo US Blog
24 August 2021

Move money to and from your other accounts – now in Beta testing

From today you’ll be able to link your other non-Monzo accounts to your Monzo account. Quickly add money to your Monzo account from linked accounts, or move money from Monzo to any of your other accounts – all from inside the Monzo app.

Monzo US Blog
19 July 2021

Meet Richard, a Monzo US Backend Engineer

In the first of our “Meet the Monzo US Team” series of blog posts, we talk to Richard Dingwall, one of our superstar engineers who has been with Monzo for over 5 years and who has been working on the US team for the past year and a half.

Monzo US Blog
18 May 2021

Updating our Product Roadmap for 2021

We’ve excited to share with you our updated product roadmap. Since we shared our public roadmap in January 2020 a lot has changed, and so we felt like the time was now right to update our product roadmap and share this with our community. 

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Monzo US Blog
16 December 2020

Personalized Cards Have Landed

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rolled out our newly designed, personalized Monzo USA cards. You can now order a card with your name on it - no more awkwardly being called “Monzo Beta” when picking up a coffee at your local shop!