Tipping made easy

Last month, we rolled out tip suggestions through push notifications after using your card at a restaurant or bar. Since then, you’ve told us what else would make the tipping process even easier.

Tips can sometimes take a few days before appearing on your account. Tracking your tips with Monzo will show your updated balance immediately while the final amount is being processed. This means no unexpected surprises once the final transaction amount is actually posted!

We’ll automatically calculate 15%, 20%, or 25% of your total bill, or you can enter a custom amount. We can even remember your selected tip percentage for future suggestions! Choose the same percentage for all restaurant and bar transactions or only for transactions at that same merchant.

Why do tips show up later? ⏳

Restaurants and bars will often process your bill subtotal first and then your tip later as a separate transaction. You may notice this at places where they take your card and bring back a second receipt for you to add a tip and sign.

When you use your card, your card goes through an authorization process. This process basically checks if your card has enough for the transaction and sets the money aside, which will often show up as a pending transaction. Once you specify how much you want to tip, the total amount is updated when the pending transaction is finalized later (sometimes days later).

Tipping itself is already a complex practice - and we’re here to make it easier for you. How else can we help you keep tabs on your money? Let us know in our community forum!