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Paying your bills has never been easier

Manage your bills effortlessly, all in one place. Goodbye life admin, hello peace of mind.

Get on top of your bills

See your direct debits and standing orders, when they're due, and how much they'll be - all in one place.

We'll tell you if they're higher for the upcoming month and remind you if you don't have enough money, so you're never caught out.

Keep your bills separate

Get paid into Monzo and set aside your bills money in a Pot, so you can't accidentally spend the rent. When a bill is due, we pay it from the Pot for you - easy.

Bills Pots, explained

1. Move money into a Pot

Or let the Salary Sorter do this for you on payday.

2. Pick your payments

Choose the direct debits or standing orders you want to pay from your Pot.

3. We'll pay them for you

When your payments are due, we'll take them straight from your Pot.

Get a great deal on energy

See if you can save money on bills by switching your electricity and gas within the Monzo app. Start your switch in 5 minutes and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.