Get paid early with faster direct deposit

The only thing better than payday is early payday. And now you can get paid up to 2 days early with Monzo! No extra cost, no waiting for your mailed check, just more time with your money - the way it should be.

How can I get paid early? 🤑

  1. Set up direct deposit into Monzo

  2. You’ll get a notification with your paycheck deposit when it’s time for payday

  3. Tap the notification to view your direct deposit

  4. Tap “I’m in!” to get paid early

Alternatively, you can also opt-in to get paid early by tapping a paycheck transaction. You’re only eligible to get paid early if your account is in good standing (see the full cardholder agreement in-app).

US get paid early phone screens

Set up direct deposit 💰

All Monzo accounts come with an account and routing number that you can provide to your employer, who will be able to direct deposit your paycheck. You can find your account details under the “Manage” tab of your Monzo account.

If you need a direct deposit form instead, you can create one right in the app. Answer a few questions about how much of your paycheck you want to deposit and we’ll handle the rest. Tap "Add Money", then "Add Salary" to get started.

US direct deposit settings app screen showing option to deposit full paycheck or partial paycheck. Partial paycheck is selected with options for amount, percent, or remainder.

Sort your salary after you get paid early 🧙

When you get paid into Monzo, our Salary Sorter tool can sort incoming payments into different Pots. Quickly and easily set aside money for bills or an upcoming trip in whatever way works best for you. We’ll also remember your preferences for next time.

How does get paid early work? ⚙️

Before you get actually paid, the federal reserve works with financial institutions on how much and when you get your paycheck. Some banks will hold the funds until a specified date from your employer before depositing money into your account.

If you get paid early with Monzo, your money becomes available right away instead of being held until the specified date.

Heads up: we can stop offering or change this get paid early service at any time.

We’re super excited to get this prioritized for many of you! See what else we’re working on with our public roadmap and let us know what you think in our community forum.