Salary Sorter - the simple solution to make the most of your paycheck

When we first introduced Salary Sorter in September 2021, it was one of the most requested features at the time. So we’re really excited to be able to make it even better for you! 🎉

Salary Sorter lets you automatically divide up incoming payments into different Pots, with the rest left in your main balance to spend. 💸 Rest easy knowing you have enough set aside for rent, bills, or anything else you need.

It works best if you get paid into your Monzo account with direct deposit, but Salary Sorter works on any incoming ACH payment, debit card top-ups, or transfers over $100 too.

You can also sort into your joint account and joint account Pots if you get paid into your personal account, or vice versa. 🔀

A central hub for all your income 💰

Your sorted and unsorted income are all conveniently in one place. Find any incoming payments that haven’t been sorted, including peer-to-peer payments and account top-ups. No more scrolling through your feed looking for any payments you still need to sort.

Track your past sorts and delete automatic sorts to stay on top of any changes with your money coming in.

A central hub for Salary Sorter in the US Monzo app with three sections divided up by Automatic Sorts, Unsorted Income, and Past Sorts. The only line item under Automatic Sorts is Starbucks. The only line item under Unsorted Income is Doordash for $100.20 on September 28. The subtitle underneath says that "Income must be sorted within 72 hours." There are three line items under Past Sorts: one from Starbucks for $1,042.60 on September 6, a second from Uber Eats for $215 on July 28, and a third to view all past sorts.

Set it and forget it ♻️

You can save your sort amounts for your direct deposits. The next time your deposit comes in, it will automatically be sorted for you, without you having to lift a finger.

A Monzo app screen for US Salary Sorter showing an incoming payment from Doordash for $100.20. Underneath is a toggle button to Set and forget used to enable automatically sorting future payments from this income source. At the bottom is a breakdown of the sort into a personal account, with $100.20 of the income currently going into the main Monzo account balance, and zero dollar amounts for the two Pots labeled Savings and Groceries.

Instant notifications 🔔

We’ll still let you know when your money comes in with instant notifications. We'll also let you know if your salary couldn't automatically be sorted, so you can make any changes.

Monzo app push notification says "We've sorted your Starbucks income. Your $1,042.50 deposit was sorted into 10 destinations."

For example, if your incoming payment is less than expected for your saved sort, the sort won’t happen and we’ll let you know.

Monzo app push notification says "Starbucks - Salary Sorter. We weren't able to automatically sort your deposit. Tap to manually sort now"

This is just one step in making Salary Sorter both easy and useful for you. Let us know what you think!