Introducing Trends - the future of money management

There’s a brand new tab at the bottom of your screen in the Monzo app. Introducing… Trends! Designed to help you understand your money patterns across all your Monzo and external connected accounts together. The more accounts you connect, the more you’ll get out of it.

Why Trends? 💬

Many of you told us visibility is key to making more informed financial decisions. So we launched a way to connect your other accounts within Monzo, making it easy to see your entire financial life all in one place. 🔮

Trends isn’t just an overview of your Monzo accounts and Pots – it’s for your non-Monzo accounts too! Trends takes connected accounts to the next level by helping you manage your money more proactively. Because budgeting isn’t one size fits all.

Balance shows a clear breakdown of the money coming in and out of your accounts. See what you’ve earned, spent, and saved so you can pace yourself throughout the month. 🏃‍♂️

Balance will also calculate how much you have left to spend after bills and other upcoming payments. For example, if today’s balance is $600 and your electricity bill of $150 is due next week, balance in Trends will show you have $450 left to spend.

Spending shows your transactions separated by category or merchant. 🛍 Tap each category or merchant to see the individual transactions.

Try out these features:

  • Filter by your accounts in the top left

  • Swipe the graph to see previous months

  • Explore previous months and years using the date selector in the top right

  • Tap and hold the balance graph to see a summary of a specific day

  • Tap and hold the spending graph to see a weekly summary

Trends will eventually replace Summary ♻️

Trends does everything Summary does and more, so we’ll be sunsetting Summary in early 2023.

If you don’t see Trends in your app yet, don’t worry! We're rolling this out gradually to make sure it's working smoothly for everyone.

A big thank you to our beta testing group for helping us build Trends. 💖 We love all the feedback so far and read every response we get.

What else would help you get more from Trends? Let us know using the feedback form at the bottom of Trends screens, or comment below in our community forum.