There's no place like Home

You may have noticed something different about how your Monzo app looks. We have a new Home screen! ✨

Many of you told us how important it is to have visibility and control over your finances. So we redesigned the Monzo Home screen to give you a better overview of your money and more insight into your spending habits 🏠

More convenient 😄

See the full picture of your Monzo accounts and Pots, summarized in a single activity feed, making it easier to keep track of everything going on.

Swipe down on the Home screen to quickly check your balance, spending, and targets with spotlights. Easy access to this info can help you stay on budget and prevent overspending.

More discoverable 🔍

Access all of your important account info, like statements and account numbers, from the three dot menu on your card.

Tap the plus icon (+) in the top right corner of the Home screen to see what else you can do with Monzo, like open a joint account or find an ATM.

More organized 📂

Separate your expenses and savings to clearly see what you’ve dedicated to spending and how you’re doing towards your goals.

More personal 💖

Customize what you see on your Home screen to fit how you use Monzo. Switch up the order of your Pots and accounts, or hide the ones you don’t want to see so you’re not tempted to spend what you should be saving.

What’s next? 🎈

  • More ways to make it your own!

  • Improve how info about connected external accounts is displayed

  • Helpful financial tips and guides about our features through educational cards you can access right in the app

  • More to come with Pots! Be sure to watch this space 👀

The new-look app is just the beginning of everything we've got planned - and it'll be easier for you to keep customizing as your needs change. Welcome Home!