Help us test joint accounts

We’re really excited to announce that joint accounts for US customers are coming soon! This was highly-requested by many of you in our community and was one of the top-voted features on our public roadmap.

We believe in building the Monzo product alongside our customers, so we’re looking for beta testers to help us test joint accounts. You’ll get early access to joint accounts and help us spot bugs, identify improvements, and give your feedback directly to the Monzo product team. All you need is someone you know and trust to share a joint account with. Sign up below to help us test this new feature!

How do joint accounts work on Monzo? 🛠️

A joint account is a separate account that you share with someone you know. We’ll send you both a joint Monzo account debit card so you and your partner can spend from your combined joint account (separate from your personal account). Your joint account also has its own routing and account numbers, making it easy to pay bills or save for shared goals, all with no monthly fees.

You’ll still keep your personal Monzo account and card, and you can easily view both accounts anytime in the app.

Two monzo current account cards

Open a joint Monzo account 📬

Opening a joint account is easy – no new ID checks or long application forms!

To open a joint account, you both need to already have Monzo accounts. If you don’t have a Monzo account yet, sign up in less than 10 minutes on your smartphone.

Once you’ve been confirmed for beta, you can open a joint account right from your Monzo app:

  1. Go to the Home screen by tapping the Home icon in the menu bar

  2. Tap your profile picture in the top left of the screen

  3. Scroll down and tap “Open a joint account”

Make sure you have the details of your account co-owner saved in your contacts, and that Payments with Friends is turned on in your app settings.

Who are joint accounts for? 👥

You don’t have to be a couple to open a joint account! Whether you’re married, siblings, or even just roommates, a joint Monzo account makes it easy to track who made each transaction. You should only open a joint account with someone you trust – you’ll both have full access to everything in the joint account.

See our terms of service or cardholder agreement in-app for full joint account terms and conditions.

Help us test joint accounts 🧪

If you’re interested in beta testing joint accounts, sign up here!

Make sure to follow along in our community forum for additional info and updates during beta testing, and to share any feedback along the way. Your feedback helps us make joint accounts possible for all Monzo US customers. ❤️