US Beta Update πŸ”§

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We're working on a lot of things to bring to our Beta customers this year. This is the first of many updates you'll start to see coming up! 😊

You can now move forward in line by inviting friends to Monzo

Our waitlist is growing everyday, and we're working on rolling out accounts to even more of you! In the meantime, we've improved the experience for those waiting for the Beta invite to arrive.

This week we've made a change which lets you login and see where you are in line.Β  We've also created referral links which will help you get unlocked faster by inviting friends to join you on the waitlist.

To see your place in line:

  • Join the waitlist here

  • Download the Monzo app if you haven't already

  • Log into the app with the email you used to sign up

  • Once you're in you'll see your position on the waitlist πŸŽ‰

To get unlocked faster:

  • Tap "share link" at the bottom of the screen

  • Share the referral code with friends

  • Once they sign up to the waitlist, you'll move up in line πŸŽ‰

Each friend that joins the waitlist through your link will move you closer to the top!

You can now withdraw cash for free at 38,000 ATMs across the country

We're really excited to announce that we're fully live with our MoneyPass ATM network integration - which means that US Monzo customers will now receive fee-free ATM withdrawals at over 38,000 ATMs within the country 🏧

You can check out a convenient location for you by using their ATM finder here

No need to enable the feature, just use your card at a MoneyPass ATM and it will be fee free!

As always, we want to hear your feedback!

Check out our transparent public roadmap to see what we're working on now and vote for what you'd like to see next!

You can also join the discussion on our community forum.Β 

If you need any help, start a chat with us through the app!Β