Let's remove the barriers to banking.

Everyone deserves access to financial services. But even today too many people are excluded by the invisible barriers of the banking system.

We think all banks can do better. This is our campaign to make a future with #NoBarriersToBanking.

Over a million adults in Britain are unbanked.

Without a bank account, it’s harder to get a job or receive benefits. Finding somewhere to live and paying to live there becomes tricky. And you’ll end up paying more for basic things like bills.

You’ll have no way to save money safely and see your savings grow. And if you need to access credit, it’ll either cost you significantly more or mean you can’t altogether.

And even more people aren’t supported by their current bank. If you’ve just moved to the country, you’re living with mental health problems, or are vulnerable in other ways – banks aren’t often able to meet your needs.

Even if you manage to get a bank account, the picture isn’t all roses

a pie chart, fifty percent full


of the ‘newly banked’ have incurred penalty fees, with those affected averaging 5.6 charges per year.

a pie chart, twenty five percent full


of the newly banked are net losers, incurring more penalty charges than they have gained in savings.

At Monzo, our mission is to make money work for everyone. That starts with helping people access something as basic as a bank account, and making sure everyone who has one can get the right support.

Scroll down to read what we stand for, and what we pledge to do with your help.

We think nobody should be denied access to banking because of their circumstances or background.

Opening a bank account if you don’t have a fixed address can be tricky, because banks usually require proof of address to open an account, or deliver your debit card. So if you’re homeless or a recent immigrant, you’ll struggle to open a bank account.

At Monzo, we let you use another address, like a friend’s house or a shelter. But unfortunately that isn’t common. If you’ve just moved to the UK, navigating the processes and paperwork can be overwhelming, especially if English isn't your first language.

We will:

Build an online tool to help people of all backgrounds find support and advice to access the financial services they need.

We think financial services have a duty to meet customers on their own terms.

Nearly 6,000 local branches have shut since 2010, and low income areas have disproportionately borne the brunt of these closures.

And even though Monzo is an online-only bank, we have a duty to make sure nobody gets left behind and we don't lose that human touch.

We will:

Run a roadshow of events around the country, working with local groups to help them collaborate on practical solutions for their communities.

Create content for community groups to help people make better financial decisions.

We think financial services should explain themselves in the clearest possible language.

Nobody should be ripped off by a financial service that's difficult to understand. From the names of the products, to their terms and conditions - people should always know what they’re getting.

No hidden charges or nasty surprises. Especially when it comes to difficult subjects like debt collection and complaints.

We will:

Create templates to help other companies write terms and conditions that anyone can understand.

Publish the processes we use to recover debts and handle complaints.

Share the work we’ve done to make sure we speak with a human voice, and give our products simple names.

And we'll need your help.

We can’t do this alone. If you think this is a cause worth supporting, please:

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Show your support and share our campaign page. We want to raise awareness of barriers to banking and the problems which come with them, far and wide.

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Share your first hand experiences of these issues with other people on our community forum and help us make sure this campaign has a truly positive impact to those who are unbanked.

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Pledge your support as a business or charity. If you’re in a position to help improve financial inclusion in the UK, get in touch!

Our supporters

Pledge your support as a business or charity

Progress updates

11th March

Today we launched the #BankingForAll campaign

11th March

Are you struggling to access banking services in a way which is comfortable for you? We've created a search tool to help connect you with charities and organisations in your local area who can help. Check it out here

12th March

Do you work in the social inclusion space? Are you passionate about championing financial education and independence in your own organisation? Come along to our first Banking For All roadshow event to challenge problems and share solutions with others committed to building a financially inclusive world. Talks from Beam and Proxy Address

1st April

We've teamed up with The Big Issue to make the magazine resellable! Pick up a copy, and 'Pay It Forward' to keep supporting the original vendor. More info here.

3rd May

We published a guide to writing customer-friendly terms and conditions!

15th May

It's National Numeracy Day - a day where we recognise the important role that numbers play in our lives. Take the challenge, build confidence and sharpen your skills.

16th May

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! To celebrate, we wanted to share some of the work we’re doing around accessibility here at Monzo.

29th May

You can now listen to our Terms and Conditions as audio on our website or in the app.

30th May

Last night we hosted our second Banking for All event in Manchester, with great talks from Tech For Good Live, Dosh and Citizens Advice Manchester. Stay tuned for updates on the next stop on our roadshow tour!

3rd July

Engineering manager Sally Lait published a blog post about the role and responsibility of our web team to support social inclusion in their work.

10th July

We've created a guide to help you understand which forms of ID and proof of address are accepted by various high street banks. Download it here.

22nd July

We hosted a Banking 101 workshop in collaboration with LRMN and Lewisham Citizens covering the basics of opening a bank account in the UK.

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