Launching the Monzo Extraordinary Ideas Board

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We’re not short on ideas here at Monzo, but building a bank doesn’t happen overnight! Often the more ambitious stuff has to wait so we can get the essentials right. There’s still plenty of room for some blue sky thinking though. It’s exciting to imagine what the future looks like and swapping ideas is a great source of motivation and inspiration for us day to day. Fairly early on, we realised all these awesome suggestions needed somewhere to live so we could keep track of them and revisit them later.

That somewhere is our Extraordinary Ideas Board! We use Trello to help us plan and prioritise our work, so it made sense to create a similar space where we could store, share and discuss big ideas as a team. It’s a page we’ve kept for internal use only up to now, but in the spirit of transparency, we’re excited to release a public version of this today 🙌 You’ll have seen us refer to it on the community forum before. This means that you’ll now be able to see all of our suggestions and the discussion which follows, as they go from light bulb moment to fully scoped idea 💡

Some of these ideas may never materialise into anything more than Trello cards while others may develop into something greater, but all of them contribute to an exciting shared vision of what Monzo could become in 6 months, 6 years and beyond!

How it works

Ideas come from everywhere — discussions with our community, thoughts internally, in the shower. We'll pull them together and group them by how much work they would require.

To give you a flavour of the sort of ideas which really excite us at the moment. Here are a couple of our favourite Extraordinary Ideas

“Holiday queue jump. If you can prove you are going on holiday in the next few days you jump the queue so you get a Monzo card before your trip.”

“Send money to friends by letting them withdraw cash from a cashpoint”

"Refund claims for delayed trains with one click"

View the Monzo Extraordinary Ideas Board

We’re thrilled to be able to share the Extraordinary Ideas Board publicly, and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook, or join the discussion on our community forum. More specifically, it would be great to hear suggestions on how else you might like to see this information presented. It’s also worth noting that these ideas aren't in the works or confirmed yet! To see some of the concrete plans on our radar for the coming months, the Transparent Product Roadmap is the place to head 🙂