A Mondo Update...In 96 Seconds

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As you've (probably) worked out by now, we think it's important to keep our community in the loop as to what we're working on.

Last week we put our product roadmap live on Trello so you can see which projects are coming up, and what our current priorities are. We'll also be writing about some of these projects in upcoming blog posts.

But before we launch into a new series we wanted to give you an update on our progress. And who better to give you the story so far than our CEO, Tom? Here he is with a 96 second snapshot of what we've been up to, and what we're focussing on at the moment:

Where we're at on the journey

We're almost a year and a half into building this company, and we've come a long way already. While we're still six or seven months away from launching as a fully regulated bank, our Beta program is proving invaluable in helping us design and build the best features for our users. We've now got over 10,000 cards in circulation and we're sending more and more cards out every week, trying to meet demand.

What should we cover next?

As ever, we're really interested to hear your feedback. In fact, over 2,000 people, Mondo users and others, have already signed up to help shape our bank via discussions and suggestions on our community forum (thanks all!).

We want to continue giving you as much access behind the scenes as possible as we build a bank.
Ask us anything on the forum or reach out on Twitter and Facebook.

Join our live Q&A

Not only will we try and give you as many answers as possible in our upcoming blog posts, we're also hosting a live Q&A with Tom on Twitter and Periscope next week so you can grill him in person.

Tune in on Thursday 9th June at 12.30pm, using #AskMondo to ask a question 📻

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We recently updated our name to Monzo! Read more about it here.