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Joint accounts with Monzo

Double the power of your money.

A joint account is an account you share with someone you know, separate from your personal account. Perfect for partners, friends, roommates.

US Joint Accounts Transaction Feed

Manage money as a team

All your shared spending shows up in a single transaction feed.

Each transaction is automatically tagged with your profile photo, so you'll see who's paying for what.

US Pots

Save for shared goals and expenses

Organize your money into Pots to help you keep track of your goals.

Use Pots to separate your funds for shared expenses, like the electric or water bill. Or put it all into one Pot to cover everything, including the unexpected.

US Salary Sorter

Your finances in one place

Instantly move money from your personal account into your joint account, and vice versa.

Connect an external account that's on the Plaid network for seamless transfers.

Use our Salary Sorter tool to automatically sort your direct deposit into Pots, making it easy to set money aside for everything in your life.

Separate accounts and cards

You'll each get your own card for joint account spending, separate from your personal card.

Protection for your money

Money in your Monzo accounts is protected up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Support from real people

Got a question to ask? Have an idea to suggest? Chat with us anytime in the app.

Sign up for a Monzo account in less than 10 minutes

Download the Monzo app and join 7 million people who've changed the way they see, spend, and save your money.