Pay the easy way.

Pay a business that banks with Monzo in a few taps.

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How it works

Phone showing a message with payment request, with the text "Tap to pay"

Image of a laptop showing the payment screen, with the option to pay by card or bank transfer.

Screen showing a completed payment request, with an email notification confirming it's gone through.

Pay by easy bank transfer

Easy bank transfers are a secure, direct connection between your account and the business’s Monzo account. And the best part is that you don’t have to type out (and triple check) their details in a manual bank transfer.

You’ll be asked to choose your bank, then you’ll be taken directly to its app or website. Once you sign in like you normally would, you’ll see the payment you’re making appear, ready for your approval.

Video showing easy bank transfersVideo showing easy bank transfers

Pay by card

If the business you’re paying accepts card payments, you can pay by any major credit or debit card the way you usually would at any online checkout.

Card payments are safe and easy to make – ours are processed by Stripe, a trusted card payment processor.

Image showing a card payment being made on a mobile device.Image showing a card payment being made on a mobile device.

Get a payment confirmation

Once you’ve paid, you’ll get an email confirmation and we’ll notify the business instantly, so there’s less back and forth (and if your payment didn’t go through, we’ll email asking you to try again).

We’ll also change the invoice or payment link status to ‘paid’, so you don’t risk paying twice. If you’re paying an invoice, you can download it for your records

Screen showing proof of paymentScreen showing proof of payment


If you’ve got questions, we probably have the answers in our FAQs!