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Tips on using Monzo abroad

  • We recommend taking a spare card for another bank with you just in case, as some merchants are slow to update their systems and might not recognise us.

  • Check your spending limits before you go, so you don’t get caught short by tapping below.

  • We disable transactions at ‘magnetic stripe’ ATMs and card machines by default, because they’re not as safe. If you need to use a magnetic stripe machine, you can temporarily switch them on by tapping the 'Manage' card button. One you are there you can toggle on ‘Enable magstripe ATMs’.

  • If an ATM or card machine asks you which account you’d like to use, we suggest choosing ‘Credit’ as this is the most reliable.

  • If you get the choice, always choose to pay in the local currency. That way we can guarantee you a better exchange rate.

  • Our community forum has plenty of tips on using Monzo in different parts of the world, so it's worth taking a look at before your trip.

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