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Using your card abroad

You don't need to tell us if you're going away 🛫

We won’t block your card if we see you using it in a different country. Instead, we'll tell you the local exchange rate when you arrive, and send you a spending summary of your trip when you get home.

Take a spare card 💳

Your Monzo card should work anywhere that accepts Mastercard, but it might not work in some countries. Our Community Forum is the best place to ask questions about specific locations – and there are lots of travel tips there, too. We don't charge any fees for paying by card 🙅‍♂️ We also don’t mark up the exchange rate, so you’re always getting the best possible deal. Some card machines ask if you want to pay in pounds instead, so make sure you pick the local currency for the best exchange rate.

You can take out up to £200 from ATMs on a rolling 30-day basis 💶

Withdrawals from an ATM are fee-free in the European Economic Area (EEA). For other countries, after the first £200, we'll add a 3% charge to any money you take out. That's to cover our costs – we don't make a profit from it.

The 30-day period resets exactly 30 days after your first withdrawal, rather than at the start of a new month.

Your limits are shared across any accounts you have. So if you have a joint account, your allowance is split across that account and your personal account:

  • For example, if you take out £150 on the 2nd of the month and £50 on the 5th, your limits would reset on the 2nd and 5th day of the next month
  • If you made a third withdrawal before those dates, then we'd charge the withdrawal fee

You can check your live withdrawal limits any time in your account:

  • Tap the Home icon in the menu bar
  • Tap the Account button under your Monzo card (if you can't find this button, swipe down on your list of payments)
  • Tap Limits and allowances
  • Look for Fee-free outside EEA over 30 days

Final tips on using ATMs abroad 🏧

  • Some ATMs will charge you a fee for taking out cash (which we don’t receive), so we recommend using a free machine whenever you can
  • You may need to activate your magstripe to use some foreign ATMs
  • If an ATM or card machine asks which account you'd like to use, we suggest picking 'credit', as it's usually the most reliable.

We just wanted to call out that on 31st October, we’re making changes to our fees. This includes charging some customers for withdrawing cash in the UK/EEA. You should’ve received an email letting you know how you’ll likely be affected by the changes, but you can also find out more about this change via our blog post or Fee Information Sheet below.

Please click here to see our blog post that you might find useful

Please click here to see our Fee Information Sheet that you might find useful

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