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Fees and charges abroad

We don't charge any fees for paying by card abroad

Paying with your Monzo card (as opposed to taking out cash) is the best way to use your card abroad, so we recommend it if you can. If you choose to be billed in the local currency, we use Mastercard’s exchange rate with a 0.0% fee. Some card machines will ask if you want to be billed in pounds – so always choose the local currency instead.

We don't mark up the exchange rate

Some banks will add a hidden fee into the exchange rate they offer you, but we use Mastercard's rate with a 0.0% fee.

You can take out up to £200 on a rolling 30 day basis

After the first £200, we'll add a 3% charge to any money you take out. That's to cover our costs, we don't make a profit from it.

The 30-day period resets exactly 30 days to the minute from your first withdrawal, rather than at the start of a new month.

Your limits are shared across any account you have, so if you have a joint account your allowance is across both of them.

For example if you take out £150 on the 2nd of the month and £45 on the 5th, your limits will reset by £150 on the 2nd of the next month and £45 on the 5th.

You can check your live withdrawal limits any time by tapping below or visiting your limits on your manage card screen via the Account tab.

Some ATMs will also charge you a fee for taking out cash (which we don’t receive), so we recommend using a free machine whenever you can.

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