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Getting set up with IFTTT

Signing in to IFTT

To start using IFTTT you'll need to download their app, or go to the website, and create an account. You can sign-in with Facebook or Google, or feel free to use any email address you like.

Connecting with Monzo

To start using IFTTT with your Monzo account, download the IFTTT app and sign up.

You'll receive an email from us which is identical to the email you get when you login to your Monzo app. Open this email on your phone or desktop, and tap/click the button that says 'Log In To Monzo'.

You can then start creating your own applets, or use some of our pre-made ones like the '1p Savings Challenge' or 'Send my receipts to Dropbox'.

Happy IFTTTing!

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