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Using your card in the UK is always free

We don’t charge any fees for paying by card or withdrawing cash in the UK. But bear in mind some cash machines will add a fee (which we don’t receive) for taking out money, so we recommend using machines that don’t charge.

Some machines will also tell you that ‘Your issuer might charge you for this’, but you can ignore that message. We don’t charge for taking out cash in the UK.

Paying by card abroad is always free

We don’t charge any fees for using your card wherever you are in the world. And if you choose to be billed in the local currency you’ll get the best possible exchange rate, which is Mastercard’s standard rate with nothing added on top.

We might charge a small fee for withdrawing cash abroad

At the moment, we charge a fee for withdrawing cash abroad in some situations.

The first £200 in a rolling 30-day period is free, and after that we’ll add a 3% charge to each withdrawal you make.

Your limits are shared across any account you have, so if you have a joint account your allowance is across both of them.

For example if you take out £150 on the 2nd of the month and £45 on the 5th, your limits would reset on the 2nd and 5th day of the next month. If you did a third withdrawal before those dates, then we'd charge the withdrawal fee.

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