Monzo Cookie Policy

Version 1.0 — August 7, 2017

Like most websites, we use cookies on the Monzo websites. Cookies are small text files used to store information on web browsers. Other technologies, including data we store on your web browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software, are used for similar purposes. In this policy, we refer to all of these technologies as “cookies.” Cookies never store any of your bank details.

Cookies help to improve the Monzo website and give you a better experience. For example, they can help recognise you if you visit the Monzo website often and we can use them to understand how you use our website and understand how effective it is, including any advertising we show you.

We use cookies to help us and third parties show ads to you about products, services and causes which we be think you would be interested in. For example, if you were exploring the Monzo website and looking at information about how we support international payments, we could use cookies to show you advertisements about international payments rather than things that you may not be interested in.

If you wish to block cookies you can do this in your browser settings; the Help function within your browser should tell you how. Alternatively, just search ‘how to block cookies’.