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The Help Search Algorithm
The magic behind our machine learning powered help screen
Turn That Frown Upside Down
How we transform a single complaint into positive outcomes for many
An Apology from Monzo
I’m writing to apologise for the recent card outages you’ve experienced over the last week
New Android Update: Bottom Navigation Bar!
Instantly access Spending, Card and Contacts in one tap.
Introducing Monzo Insider!
Digging for answers behind the scenes at Monzo HQ
The Monzo Current Account Preview!
We’ve been using the Monzo current account internally and today we’re ready to invite some of our customers to join us and help put it through its paces
Releasing Monzo's 2017 Annual Report!
Today we’re publishing our full financial statements in a new section on our website
The Monzo Mixtape Vol.1
Chosen by the Monzo team for your listening pleasure!
Tried and Tested!
Breaking things to make them better. In this article, Priscila Minks Zanuzzo outlines how we manually test the apps before releasing them.
New Beginnings at Monzo
A week in the life of a new team member.
From desktop design to your doorstep: A Monzo card’s journey
A stage by stage walkthrough of how Monzo cards are produced.
Announcing Our Public Hiring Referral Bonus!
Get £500 if you refer someone who joins the Monzo team
We've signed the Women in Finance Charter
We're pledging to improve the gender balance in senior management at Monzo.
To a Billion and Beyond: Building Products to Help Us Scale
Introducing the work of our Internal Product team
The Future of Customer Operations ("COps")
Many people see us as a technology company, with a banking licence. In reality we are a customer service company, empowered by technology, with a banking licence.
Night COps: Working Remotely Yet Closely
What goes on behind the scenes when you contact customer support at 3am?
200,000 Customers and £250,000,000 Spent!
Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far and here’s to the next milestone on our journey together
COps: The Mission of Customer Support at Monzo
Often when one thinks of customer support they think of a warehouse sized, outsourced, call centre with headsets and cubicles
Crowdfunding in Numbers
Digging into the data behind our latest crowdfunding round.
Welcome to Monzo Bank!
Today, we're incredibly happy to announce that our banking licence restrictions have been lifted!
Designers’ Show and Tell
From old laptops to Penguin books, the design team share some of their everyday inspirations.
£12 Million Later: Our Crowdfunding Pre-Registration is Closed
Pre-registration for our crowdfunding is now closed, with a total of more than £12,000,000 pledged!
Transparent By Default
At Monzo, we aim to “default to transparency.” That means we put in place policies and practices that bring information out into the open wherever possible
Diversity and Inclusion at Monzo
We believe diverse teams make better decisions. Here's an update on our diversity debt repayments.
Invest in Monzo: Launching Our Crowdfunding!
Today we’re launching our £2.5 million crowdfunding round as part of our most recent investment raise of £22 million 🎉
Announcing Our £22m Investment Round and Crowdfunding!
We're incredibly excited to announce today that we’ve agreed a new £22 million investment round!
Fighting Financial Crime the Monzo Way
How do we plan to stay a step ahead?
Launching the Monzo Extraordinary Ideas Board
We’re not short on ideas here at Monzo, but building a bank doesn’t happen overnight!
Mondo is now Monzo!
Just over two months ago, we announced that we were saying goodbye to the name Mondo...
An Update on our Name Change
Last week we announced that we’re leaving the name ‘Mondo’ behind and invited you to suggest your ideas for what we should change it to...
Goodbye Mondo, Hello M…
As we mentioned during our recent Crowdcube campaign, our trade mark, “Mondo”, has been legally challenged...
A Mondo Update...In 96 Seconds
As you've (probably) worked out by now, we think it's important to keep our community ...
Fastest Crowdfunding Ever:
£1 million in 96 Seconds
Today at 1pm we relaunched our crowdfunding round after overwhelming demand crashed...
We Have Temporarily Paused our Crowdcube Round
We now have a plan that we hope is reliable and fair to everyone and have emailed everyone who...
£1,000,000 spent through Mondo!
As of today, more than £1 million has been spent using Mondo! Thank you to everyone who...
Invest in Mondo
We started Mondo one year ago this month with the aim of building a better bank. I’m incredibly proud...
Diversity Debt
Leah has been with Mondo since day one and currently runs the prepaid operations...
Meet Tracy—our Chief
Marketing Officer
In August, Tracy Abraham joined the Mondo team as Chief Marketing Officer...
Making Our Mark
We’ve spent some time over the last few weeks talking about what Mondo stands for and...
Welcome to Mondo!
Mondo is a new challenger bank in the UK, focussed on making your financial life easier...