"Monzo's integrated accounting has been a godsend!"

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We love hearing from all of the small business owners using Monzo Business to manage their finances. Each business is different, and every founder has a story to tell.

We caught up with Deborah Igunma, founder of Peek - a social reading app - to learn more about her story, the company, and how Monzo Business is helping to make things a little easier!

Portrait photo of Deborah Igunma

Credit for all photos: Josiah Hyacinth, Community Lead at Peek

Tell us about Peek!

"Peek is a social reading app that pays readers to discuss their favourite books with others.

"Using synchronous and asynchronous audio we’re ushering readers into the creator economy. Millions of readers flock to social media to explore their favourite books, and yet no platform exists where they can read *and* discuss their favourite stories as they monetise their audiences.. until Peek arrived."

How has Monzo helped Peek so far?

Monzo has been pivotal in helping Peek manage our finances, we've been able to pay for our design, development and more seamlessly and on time.

It's also been amazing to not have to worry about ensuring our taxes are paid on time or how they're managed because Monzo moves money into our Tax Pot automatically for us. Monzo's integrated accounting has been a Godsend!

We got 6 months free Xero and so were able to easily upload, send and receive invoices to partners and could thereby automatically share our balance and transactions.

What's Peek's mission?

"The Gaming Industry started off social with arcades, where you would play games with a few friends say Pinball or Pac-Man and as technology evolved gaming became a more solitary experience with first generation consoles that were used at home to play alone or locally. As time would pass we’d long once again to game with others and Discord + Twitch were born where gamers could dive into the world of other gamers so intimately that the entire experience could be monetised".

Potrait photo of Emmanuel, Product Manager at Peek

Emmanuel Ojo - Product Manager @ Peek

"Peek is ensuring the same transition happens for reading, as we started off social with storytelling being as old as time itself, somewhere along the road got solitary with the likes of e-readers like the Kindle and now Peek lets you dive into the world of other readers as you read and discuss books with others in async + sync (live) audio whilst you monetise the whole experience if you want to!"

"We're currently backed by Pioneer.app an accelerator backed by the CEO of Stripe and Marc Andreessen of the leading venture capital firm a16z, it's also supported by the CTO of Coinbase, Matt Steffanina - YouTube dance star, 8.5M Subscribers & others".

Thanks to Deborah for taking the time to talk to us. We're so thrilled to hear about Peek's mission, and we're excited for their full launch this Summer!

We'd love to hear your business stories too. You can reach us on Twitter or Instagram, where we regularly feature stories from Monzo Business customers.