How to shop online safely with Monzo

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It’s really important we all stay at home as much as we can at the moment. Which means you’re probably shopping online more. 

You might be ordering food shopping, signing up for streaming services or hunting for someone, somewhere, who still has hair clippers in stock. (Seriously – if you find any, let us know.)

By shopping online more, and in new, irregular ways, you may be at risk of falling victim to fraud.

So to keep you safe, here’s a reminder of the main reasons Monzo is a great way to buy online.

It might seem obvious but: you can pay online with Monzo

Some friends and envious onlookers might assume our uniquely coloured card only works for paying in person. The first thing you can do is correct them with this statement:

“You can pay online using Monzo, just like with any other bank.”

Get instant notifications when money leaves your account

We send you a notification the second you pay for something. Which means you know exactly where your money’s going.

If a payment flashes up that you don’t recognise, you can freeze your card and tell us right away.

Approve payments in the app or by text

It’s a simple precaution but it lets us know that you’ve got access to your phone. That way, we can be sure it’s you making the payment.

The tech behind it is called 3D Secure, and all the major banks use it.

Manage all your online subscriptions in one place

Signing up to, or already paying for a TV or film streaming service? How about a retail subscription?

Managing them all in the Monzo app lets you keep track of your monthly outgoings. It’s all about giving you a clear view of where your money’s going and when.

Don't have Monzo yet? Open an account and shop online safely while staying home 😌