12 best reactions to Year in Monzo

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Earlier this week we launched Year in Monzo, a look back at how you used Monzo in 2019. And it's been incredible to see just how much you all love it! You've found it useful and insightful, and not depressing at all.

We've collected the best reactions that show just how much you loved your Year in Monzo.

1. Some of you couldn't even make it past the notification

2. And some of you flat out refused to face the truth

3. Apparently, ignorance is bliss

4. Some of you felt that you just weren't ready

5. And some of you felt judged

6. Some of you saw it as a personal attack

7. Or just felt downright confused

8. You said it was unnecessary

9. And way, way too loud

10. Some of you were speechless

11. Or just in a state of shock

12. But most of you weren't surprised, just disappointed