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In the second of our “Meet the Monzo US Team” series of blog posts, we talk to Carol K. Nelson, the CEO of Monzo USA. Having been an advisor for Monzo since 2019, Carol officially joined Monzo in February of this year to lead the team as we expand the US program. Carol brings a wealth of experience to Monzo USA, and we’re extremely happy to have her on the US team!

We’ll be posting new “Meet the Team” articles over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more interviews with our awesome US team members. And if you’re interested in joining Monzo USA, be sure to check out all of our available listings over at!

What made you want to join Monzo as its US CEO?

I first became involved with Monzo as an advisor for the US expansion in 2019. I was attracted to Monzo because of its incredible success and growth as a digital bank in the UK, and because Monzo is an undisputed leader in overall service quality. When TS Anil was promoted to Monzo’s Global CEO, I was thrilled to be invited to join Monzo as its US CEO.  

How did you get into this line of work?

After graduating from college I started my banking career in a management training program at Bank of America. I’ve had many different banking roles during my career ranging from being a branch manager, to an electronic banking manager responsible for ATM deployment, to a commercial loan officer. I went on to become the CEO of a community bank and also served as a Region Executive/Market President for a large regional bank. So, I’m certainly no stranger to banking! I’m happy to be able to apply that experience to an exciting new challenge with Monzo in the US. 

Can you tell us a bit about what you are working on this week?

Hiring and onboarding new team members is an important part of my job, so this week I’ve mostly been focused on that. We recently welcomed our new FinCrime manager and our Head of Engineering, and we’re all really excited to see the team expand. We have lots of other open positions as well so please check out available listings at:

 What are you looking forward to at Monzo?

We have an incredible team of employees at Monzo US and I am excited about growing the team and adding additional talent to the mix. We have an ambitious product roadmap ( as well, and it will be great to start shipping more features for our customers as we grow our team. I am also looking forward to opening our new US headquarters in San Francisco this fall and finally seeing members of the team in person.

What do you find most enjoyable about your role?

Lots of things! As CEO, I have exposure to all different areas of the business, and no two days are the same. Though I’ve been in the banking space throughout my career, Monzo is an industry leader on the cutting edge of digital banking and it’s exciting to work on developing new, innovative products and features to meet our customers’ needs.  

How does Monzo compare to the other banks you’ve worked for in the US?

The banks I’ve worked with in the past have been traditional commercial banks delivering products and services through brick and mortar locations. It’s exciting to provide greater access to customers and to realize the potential of virtual banking. Monzo’s focus on leveraging technology to provide great customer outcomes is really inspiring, and I look forward to working on different ways to really delight customers in the US.

What have you learned in your time at Monzo?I’ve learned so much during my time here, so that’s a bit of a difficult one. I’ve particularly enjoyed learning more about Monzo’s architecture and the details of what goes on behind the scenes. The technology we use at Monzo is modern and proprietary; it’s unlike what we used at any of my previous companies.  Deepening my knowledge of mobile banking technology and the possibilities it can unlock is super exciting.

What do you do for fun?

Outside of work I like to stay active - I am an avid CrossFitter with a current CF- L1 Trainer Certificate. We also just welcomed our beautiful golden retriever, Carl, to the family so I’ve been having a blast raising him!

Carl Golden Retriever

Tell us something unexpected about you!

I took a two year detour from banking into public service and ran the $20 billion Washington State Department of Revenue when cannabis was first legalized. I helped them figure out how to collect lots of taxes in cash. 

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