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When we launched business accounts earlier this year, we introduced Monzo Business for Web to let you access your account from the convenience of your desktop as well as your mobile. You can choose what works best for you and your business, depending on where you are and what you need to do.

Since then, we've been working to let you do even more on the web, to make managing your finances with Monzo Business even more seamless - and here are the first of those updates!

1. See your Pots

You told us how important it is to have desktop access to your business account, and that getting a quick overview of your finances is essential. When we first launched the web, you were able to see your main business account and transactions at a glance. But we knew how important it was to have visibility over all your money on the web.

Now, you'll be able to see your Pots on the web too, along with their balances and recent transaction history. This'll include any Tax Pots, so you can see how much you've got stowed away for your upcoming tax bills. With all your transactions on a bigger screen, you'll now be able to do your reconciling even quicker.

Screen showing the updated view of business accounts on the web.

2. Move money to and from a Pot

You can now move money between a Pot and your main account too, making online banking more frictionless. So if you're making a payment online, like a bill or a tax return, and you need to withdraw money from a Pot to pay it, you can do it straight from the web. No more switching between your phone and your laptop - it's now all in the same place.

3. Better file exports

You also let us know how improvements to the web could make accounting and bookkeeping easier.

"I have to export statements every quarter for my accountant. Being able to provide a date range and export a CSV accordingly would save me a lot of time."

Now, you'll also be able to export your transactions with custom date ranges straight from the web. You can choose from PDF, CSV or QIF formats, making it quick and easy to share information with your accountant or bookkeeper.

If you're using Xero, FreeAgent or Quickbooks, you can link your account straight to Monzo Business. Or if you use a different accounting platform, you can download them from the Web and upload them into your preferred tool in just a few clicks.

4. Say goodbye to those old shoeboxes of receipts

When you make a transaction on your Monzo Business account, you can attach a receipt for future reference - which comes in handy when submitting your tax returns later in the year or if you need to share information with your accountant.

Now when you export your transactions on the web, it'll also include any receipts and other transaction details, like the category, making it painless to keep track of any VAT you're owed.

5. We've had a little makeover

And finally, we've refreshed the overall look and feel of the web, too, to bring it a little closer to the mobile experience. You'll now see a list of all your accounts and Pots in one place, and you can switch between them seamlessly. And, you'll be able to see your Pot and account images too.

What's next for the web?

Soon, you'll be able to do even more on the web. We're working on letting you:

  • Make bulk payments, to make it easier to run payroll

  • Give limited access to different members of your team, so you can give your accountant, bookkeeper or other team member the access they need

How do I log in to the web?

You can access your Monzo Business account on the web and see these changes for yourself at (Or, go on the Monzo Business homepage, and you'll see the option to "Log in" in the top right-hand corner.)

We want to hear from you

We'd love to know what you think of these updates, and what you'd want to see next. Make sure to join our Facebook community, tweet us @MonzoBusiness or vote for your favourite features on our public roadmap.

Monzo Business accounts help you manage your business finances stress-free. Know when you’ve been paid immediately with instant notifications, and and choose a percentage to save for your taxes automatically with Tax Pots.

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