Contactless cards

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Monzo Beta cards are now contactless  🙌

You can tap your Monzo card directly on the payment terminal to pay wherever you see the contactless sign. 

If you have one of our original cards which don’t support this method of payment, we’ll be getting in touch and replacing your existing card with a new contactless one! 

How does contactless work?

Contactless cards have an antenna and a computer chip in the plastic. When you hold your contactless card near the reader in store, the chip communicates wirelessly with the reader using near field communication (NFC) technology. Contactless payments are a safe and efficient way to make purchases. Your card will need to be within an inch or two of the card reader, in order for the payment to go through so you can’t accidentally make a payment. Contactless transactions are also more secure than swiping your card (using the magnetic stripe to pay), because they are protected with a one-time encrypted code (the same as when you make a chip transaction). 

As always, if your Monzo card is used for a contactless transaction, you’ll receive an instant notification from your Monzo app. 

If you don’t recognise the transaction, freeze your card immediately in the app and get in touch with us through in-app chat. Your card will no longer work, and we’ll investigate the transaction with you. We’ll replace your card, and any fraudulent transactions will be reimbursed. 

Why should you use tap to pay?

🏃‍♀️ Speed: Tap to pay in store and save time at the checkout. Get an instant notification every time you spend.  

🚇Travel: Tap at the MTA, and other public transit that accepts contactless payments.  No need to buy a separate pass!