Save money when you tweet with Monzo

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Let's be honest: we're probably all posting on social media too much. The world probably doesn't need to know about the artisan sandwich you've brought into work, and your dog definitely doesn't need its own Instagram account. But what if all this effort could go towards something productive? What if you could actually be helping your finances with your social posts?

That's exactly what Matthew Jones (aka @pillowfort) started doing when he began giving to charity every time he tweeted, using Monzo and IFTTT. And we were so inspired by his example, that we've built it ourselves.

How to start saving money when you tweet

You'll need your Monzo account (personal accounts only, sorry!), a Twitter account, and an account with IFTTT. If you're not familiar with IFTTT, it's an automation platform that lets you do cool things with other online services - like Monzo.

Then to get started:

  1. Head to the Move money into a Pot every time you tweet IFTTT recipe and select 'Connect'

  2. You’ll need to log into Monzo and agree to some terms

  3. Do the same with your Twitter account

  4. Check whether you want to include retweets and replies

  5. Select the Pot you want to put money into from the dropdown list

  6. Type in the amount you want to save. (The default value is £1)

  7. Select 'Save'

We'll automatically move the amount you've chosen into your Pot when you send a tweet. What you do next is up to you! You could give it to charity, like Matthew, or spend it on something to briefly distract you from the constant noise of social media.

Fun fact: we've tweeted from the @Monzo Twitter account over 74k times! If we'd put £1 aside each time, that'd be enough for 296,000 Freddos (assuming the Freddo price index holds steady at 25p). So, time well spent.