Unlock the Monzo app using your fingerprint to add an extra layer of privacy

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Maybe you’ve got a curious toddler who loves playing on your phone. Or maybe you just like knowing that your banking app has an extra layer of privacy.

It’ll take you a second longer to access your money, but it could be worth it for the peace of mind.

Illustration of fingerprint and Face ID

Start using your fingerprint to unlock Monzo

We’ll ask you for your fingerprint every time you want to open the Monzo app. 

You can turn this feature on in Settings. 

  1. Swipe down to reveal your accounts list

  2. Tap the blue cog in the top right

  3. Tap Settings in the top right

  4. Turn on Require Touch ID to unlock app if you’re using an iPhone or Use fingerprint to unlock app on Android

If you’ve got an iPhone with Face ID you can use this to unlock your app too.

You can approve payments using fingerprint too

We always ask you to enter your PIN before you make a payment, but if you want, you can use your fingerprint instead. 

Go to Settings following the steps above. Then turn on Touch ID for authentication on iPhone or Use fingerprint for authentication on Android. 

Again, if you’ve got an iPhone with Face ID, you can use this for approving payments too.

Enter PIN

Got a Pixel 4? We’re introducing face unlock and payment approval soon

This is something we’re hoping to release in the next few weeks or so. Keep an eye on the blog for an announcement.