Can I get a Monzo account if I already have a bank account?

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A lot of people seem to think you can only have one account at a time. But you can actually have multiple current accounts with various banks if you want to.

So you can open a Monzo account alongside any other accounts you already have!

Having more than one bank account shouldn’t affect your credit score, unless you try to open loads of new ones in a very short space of time.

And if you open a Monzo account, you don’t need to switch all your payments over from your old bank or the accounts that you already have. Unless of course you want to!

Why get a Monzo account?

Considering signing up to Monzo, but still not completely convinced?

Here are 11 reasons you should definitely get Monzo 😉

How do I open a Monzo account?

Signing up for Monzo only takes a few minutes. Just tap the button below to download the app and get started.

The only thing you’ll need to hand is some valid ID!

Can I switch to Monzo?

When you open a Monzo account, you can decide if you want to switch any payments over from your old banks, and choose whether you want to close your old accounts or leave them open.

If you do want to move everything over to your Monzo account, you can use the Current Account Switch Service. It helps you switch your payments between banks that support the service. And switching only takes a few taps!

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