Using Monzo over Christmas 🎄

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We’re around to answer your questions, process your payments, and help you pay in your cheques over Christmas.

We’re here to help if you need it 

The Help tab in your app is full of useful answers and information. But as always, if you need to chat to us you can.

It's business as usual for customer support over Christmas, so you can reach out to us 24/7 over the holidays.

Some payments might take longer to go through over Christmas

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day are all bank holidays, which affects how long it takes some of your payments to go through.

We don't process your Direct Debits and Direct Credits on bank holidays, so you’ll get them on the next working day instead.

You can pay cheques into your Monzo account for free

If you got any cheques over Christmas, you can pay them into your Monzo account.

  1. Write your Monzo account number clearly on the back of the cheque, in the top left corner. You can find your account number in your Monzo app.

  2. Write ‘FREEPOST MONZO’ on the front of an envelope.

  3. Pop it in the post – no need to add a stamp! 

If you want to send your cheques through 1st class post or with a tracking number, post them to: 

Monzo Payment Operations Team
6th Floor
38 Finsbury Square 

We put cheques in your account four working days after we get them, but because there are so many Bank Holidays, it might take a little longer than usual over Christmas.

It'll take us a little longer to get you bank statements or letters

If you ask us to give you a bank statement or a letter to prove you have an account with us over Christmas, this’ll also take a little longer. We’ll get the information you need in about two weeks. 

But remember, you can always get a bank statement yourself from the Monzo app.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone here at Monzo! 🎄