Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

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Update: We've paused our plans to join the Cheque Imaging Scheme to focus on other projects that will benefit more of our customers. Read more about why we decided to do this here.

Fewer and fewer cheques are cashed each year, but they aren’t going away without a fight. In 2017, over 400 million cheques were cashed in the UK, and the banking industry is committed to providing customers with cheques for as long as they’re needed.

When you’ll be sent a cheque

They might seem old school, but cheques are used a lot more than you might think. A few places still issue them, like:

  • Utility companies

  • Government organisations like the DVLA or HMRC

  • Insurers or other companies that need to reimburse you

  • Banks

They’ll usually send you a cheque if they’re giving you a refund, rebate or some kind of compensation.

Paying cheques into Monzo now

Find out how to pay cheques into Monzo.

Paying cheques into Monzo in the future

We’ve tried to make putting your cheques in the post as easy as possible. But we know the process isn’t as convenient or secure as it could be.

As part of our plans to make Monzo better, we’re working to help you cash cheques quicker using the Image Clearing System: a new processing system for cheques that all banks and building societies will soon be using. This system will let us offer you a new way to deposit cheques - just by taking a picture.

You’ll be able to:

  • Take a picture of your cheque from your Monzo app

  • Get your money the very next day!

To offer this easy way of depositing cheques into your Monzo account, we need to integrate with the new Image Clearing System. Getting set up with a new payment system takes time, but we’re working to offer this feature at the start of 2019.

We believe we can give you everything you need from a bank, without having branches. Which means we can keep costs low, and pass the benefits onto you!