Say hello to the Coral Crew!

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Community is at the heart of everything we do at Monzo. From changing our name, to tackling the problem of ATM fees abroad, our users have helped us make the decisions that got us to where we are today.

We’re especially grateful to all the members of our community forum. It’s a really great place where Monzo users come together to share their ideas and feedback with us. (Or just share pictures of their pets, because that’s fun too).

Our Community Leaders

We’ve given special recognition to the most active members of our community through the Community Leaders programme. Leaders have been vital to our community by leading great discussions and being ambassadors for the wider user-base. They also help out with keeping the forum neat and tidy, as well as flagging things that need our attention.

We’re constantly impressed by the passion, dedication, and frankly superhuman amount of time and effort they put in every day.

To say thanks, we give Leaders certain perks, such as:

  • A special badge and title in our Community

  • Exclusive Monzo swag

  • Access to the Community Leaders forum category & Slack channel - where they can talk directly with us.

  • Automatic entry to all Monzo events.

Goodbye Leaders. Hello Coral Crew.

Today, we’re relaunching the Leaders programme. Not only that, we’re renaming it entirely. From now on, our Community Leaders will be the Coral Crew! We think this name is a great fit for everyone involved, and it’s a cheeky nod to our fabulous hot coral cards.

Coral Crew Logo

As well as a new name, we’re committing to make sure that the Coral Crew get the support they need to do a great job. From a shared Code of Conduct just for the Coral Crew, to making sure we quickly get back to their questions - we want to show the love they deserve.

We also want to get more people involved with the Coral Crew. We want it to be a living programme, with new members regularly joining as it grows. So we begin to look out for more other folks that we think would do a great job.

And on that note: today, we’re introducing some new faces.

For a while, we’ve had six Community Leaders: Alex, Marta, Mike, Ben, Leonard, and Tom. But today, we’re welcoming two new faces to the Coral Crew: Eve and Emma! We can’t wait to see what they bring to the forum.

Get involved

If being part of the Coral Crew sounds like it’d be up your street, come and join our forum! To become a a member, you’ll need to be an active member of our forum - but everyone starts somewhere.

And if you’ve never checked out the forum before, now’s the perfect time! It’s the place to chat with other Monzo users, share your ideas and feedback, get involved with Community events, check out exclusive sneak peeks, and much more!

Start by just introducing yourself. We can’t wait to meet you. And, who knows, one day you might just become our newest Coral Crew recruit.