23 Feb 2018

Upgrading Explained: Can I upgrade from abroad?

We’ll be bringing the Monzo prepaid Beta to an end very soon, which means your prepaid card will stop working on the 4th April.

Whether you’re going away for work or taking a trip around the world, we know a few of you are wondering whether you can upgrade while you’re abroad.

The short answer


The long answer

If you’re worried about how you’ll upgrade from abroad, don’t be! There’s plenty of time and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you aren’t left in the lurch.

If you know you’ll be away on 4th April, upgrade your account as soon as possible. It only takes a few minutes, and your new card will usually arrive in a couple of days. You can use your upgraded account abroad in exactly the same way as the prepaid one: making payments with your card is free, we’ll pass on the Mastercard exchange rate with no markup, and you can withdraw £200 of cash every 30 days with no charge, with a 3% fee after that.

If you’re away now but back by April 4th, you can upgrade any time before that. You can keep using your prepaid card as usual while you’re away, but once you upgrade we’ll send you a new debit card, so it’s waiting when you return. You can activate it once you’re back from your travels!

If you’re away and still will be in April, upgrade your account as soon as you can. When you do, we’ll send you a new debit card, wherever you are in the world 🌏

International delivery can take one or two weeks, so it’s worth leaving enough time for your new card to arrive. But rest assured that your existing prepaid card will keep working while you wait for it, up until April 4th.

We’ll transfer over your account history and balance when you activate your new card, and you can start using it straight away.

If you want us to send your card to you while you are abroad, just finish the upgrade process in your app, then reach out to us through in-app chat to give us your new delivery address!

Please let us know if you found this useful, and if you have any other questions you’d like us to answer! You can tell us on Twitter or join the discussion in the community 😃

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