7 Dec 2017

Pots Are Now on Android!

A simple way to put money aside within your main Monzo account, Pots are designed to help you save for things you need to buy in the next couple of weeks, as well as much further in the future.

Whether you’re building a nest egg, or just need to set money aside for some last minute present-buying this Christmas, Pots can help you save in service of a specific goal.

We launched Pots on iOS a couple of weeks ago, and we’re really pleased to be bringing them to Android now too! Update your app from the Play Store to get them.

Screenshots of pots in the Monzo Android app

Pots are only available once you upgrade, so the good news is all Monzo users are now able to do so! If you haven’t already, just tap the invitation in your app to get started 🆙

Once you’ve upgraded, you can find Pots in the Account tab in your app: simply tap the Create Pot button under your card.

Screenshots of pots in the Monzo Android app

You can find the full details and read about our exciting plans for pots in our original blog post.

We launched Pots on iOS on the 20th of November, and had planned to bring them to Android the following week. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a delay in getting pots onto Android and we broke down why on the forum. If you’re interested we’ll be sharing more about how we manage the development of the Monzo app on the blog very soon!

Feedback on Pots has been great so far, so we hope you think they’re worth the wait! 🍯

Let us know what you think on Twitter and share your ideas about what we can do to make Pots even more amazing on the forum.

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