Can You Marry An App? Customer Support Quotables

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We’re out to set an example, one which proves that banking customer support needn’t be time consuming, difficult to access or automated. Moved house? We can change your address in a couple of minutes. Been charged twice accidentally? A couple of taps, and you’re in touch with a member of the team, ready to go that extra mile to make things good again 😇

Our customer support team of around 17 people manage hundreds of queries on a daily basis in as close to real-time as possible! These conversations are as valuable to us as they are to you. They offer the feedback we need to improve and pointers on where to focus our energies next. Best of all, they make us smile 🙂

Don’t just take our word for it though — here’s a selection of our favourite customer interactions and responses. A timely reminder of why our users are so awesome!

The New Mate

The Sore Head

The Riddler

The Guardian of Middle Earth

The Party Animal

The Will They Won't They

The Actual Proposal

The customer support team are available 24 hours a day via the Help button in the app, ready to answer questions no matter how small. We have a pretty great average response time of under 5 minutes too. Alternatively you can fire over your questions to the [email protected] address or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook for an equally speedy reply 💨