Our Old Street Shopping Guide

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We know how it is around this time of the year.

The gifts you need to buy, the parties you need to attend, the planning you need to do for a better 2017. Well, we wanted to chip in with a few pointers to make things a little easier for you. Thanks to our #oldstreetmonzo Shopping Event, you will be sailing into the new year 😉

Get gift buying

Here are our top picks from the local independent retailers participating in our offers and discounts this week:

  1. Surely by now, Buble (or, if you’re more for the classics, Sinatra) has been on replay. If you need help blasting those tunes, check out Marshall's portable Stockwell speakers. With Monzo you get 10% off, until Sunday, at their Boxpark store.

  2. A work secret santa is always a tricky one, right? The answer? Chocolates. You can never go wrong with chocolates, especially where the Mast Brothers are concerned. Their London Collection features drool-worthy flavours including rhubarb and custard, black treacle and gin. Don't just take our word for it, head to one of their tasting sessions. This week, use promo code 'MONZOCARDHOLDER' and book for just £20 🍫

  3. What do you buy the man who has everything? Well, the Stay Sharp Straight Razor Box (that’s a tongue twister!) from Murdock London is our pick (£80 RRP). Get 10% off in store until Sunday with Monzo.

  4. For someone a little special (yes, you count too!), browse beautiful leather goods and the delicate gold jewellery at the lifestyle and womenswear boutique Wonderound. Get 10% off in store until Sunday with Monzo.

  5. What’s awesome about the cold weather? Well not much, but we do love a good sweater, and not just those of the novelty Christmas variety! Check out the sweater collection at Kestin Hare. 10% off with your Monzo card, until Sunday.

Murdock London
Gift kit from Murdock London

Treat yourself

You definitely deserve to treat yourself this month – I mean a year has come to an end, and we’ve given it our all, so why not?

  1. Head to Shoreditch Grind for their famous espresso martinis to end a long day at the desk. Only £5 with Monzo this week!

  2. When it comes to reinvented Christmas classics, the words ‘mince pie’ and ‘choking hazard’ come to mind. But fresh and healthy lunch spot Bel-Air have done a brilliant job with their apple juice based twist on warm mulled wine. Grab one for free with every meal until Sunday when you pay with Monzo 🍹

  3. It’s almost the weekend, but we still have a few things to get through. What makes that easier? Coffee and cake. Albion can sort that, with £5 coffee and cake each afternoon between 3.30pm and 5.30pm with Monzo this week.

  4. Now we’ve got our tummies happy. But what about some indulgent treats, perhaps for your hands? A couple of us are heading to The Painted Lady for a Parrafin Wax manicure, to make our hands feel soothed and soft in this chilly weather. First treatments get £10 off with Monzo this week.

Shoreditch Grind
Enjoy an espresso martini at Shoreditch Grind

To prep for 2017

It’s quite an obvious one right? To get back on track after the expensive holiday period, get your hands on Monzo in time for the New Year by signing up today (if you haven't already, of course!).

And that's it! Thanks to all our partners across Shoreditch for helping us put together this week's offers, and stay tuned for updates across Twitter and Facebook for the rest of the week.