23 Sep 2016

Getting Students On Board

We know Monzo is great for students. We get it - you’re not exactly swimming in cash, you want a way to control how much you’re spending every week, and you want to keep track of it all with a tap on your smartphone. We can help with that!

We already have more than 1,000 using Monzo, from campuses all over the country. But that’s just a drop in the ocean - there are millions of students in the UK, and a lot of them could do with making their money stretch just that bit further 💸

We've all been there

Luckily we’re here to help 😉

Sign up with your student email, skip the waiting list

From today, for a limited time, we’ll offering a queue bump to students downloading the app. This means students signing up with their ac.uk email address will be able to jump our waiting list of 30,000+ people.

If you’re a student who already has a card, share the news with friends and if your campus has lots of signups, you could earn rewards!

Why students + Monzo = ❤️

Not got the app? Still need persuading?

Using our prepaid debit cards, you can load whatever weekly or monthly budget you have onto your Monzo account, then keep track of your spending with instant push notifications and automatic transaction categorisation.

You can send money to a friend on Monzo super easily, with just a few taps on your phone. There’s also fee-free travel, with no fees for using ATMs or using the card abroad - one less thing to think about before you get on that plane.

For students, like most of us, the great thing about using Monzo is that you can take control of your finances, without having to spend time or brainpower thinking about it. Plus it can save you ££££.

Oh, and you’ll get a glow-under-UV-light hot coral card 😍

Monzo on Campus

Our student program doesn’t stop at bumping you up the queue if you have a uni email address - there’s much more.

Today we’re launching a leaderboard for some of the campuses we know already have lots of Monzo users. The numbers aren’t high - for now - because we’re only measuring against ac.uk email addresses. Over the next few weeks we think we can get hundreds, if not thousands, of signups at each of these unis. For now, we’ll update the leaderboard every few days.

We’ve launched our leaderboard with a selection of unis where there are already members of our awesome community poised and ready to help spread the word. Insiders will be helping their fellow students get set up with Monzo, and making sure that we’re supporting the best events and societies on campus.

Some Insider swag, as modelled by some of the Monzo team

At the end of the first full month back, in October, the unis with the most Monzo cards on campus will win rewards from our team. Maybe it’ll be a big discount at the local cafe, or free drinks at a Monzo Happy Hour at the Student Union. We’ll tailor the rewards to the campuses which win.

For our Insiders, there’ll be personal rewards for helping our community grow, and an invite to an exclusive Insider Summit in December. Interested in getting involved? Read more on our uni page.

Got an idea?

If you have ideas or feedback that’s relevant to our student program, we’ve got a whole category on our forum dedicated to the topic and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Check out the leaderboard

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