Over £20 Million Spent Through Mondo!

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£20 million

We're excited to announce that, as of this week, we've hit over £20 million spent through Mondo! 🎉

Since our last spending infographic, published at the end of April, we've gone from around £80,000 spent daily to over £200,000. So, as it's now August, we thought you might appreciate an update as to where Mondonauts have been spending:

Mondo abroad

Of the £20 million spent, around a quarter (that's £5 million!) has been spent abroad, with Mondonauts taking full advantage of fee-free travel. USA, France and Spain are by far the most popular destinations, but as we saw in another recent infographic, Mondo has now been used in over 130 countries globally 🌎

At home, looking at the most popular merchants in each of the biggest spending categories, we've now seen almost £750,000 spent at Tesco alone, and over half a million spent through TfL:


Remember, if you have a Mondo card, you can review the breakdown of merchants and categories for your own spending through the app. Check how you compare!

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