17 May 2016

The dog ate my Mondo card...

Eleanor the puppy didn’t mean any harm. She was busy enjoying another carefree canine day when she came across a brightly coloured, hot coral piece of plastic. Surely another fun thing to play with?

Er, no. It was Nick’s Mondo card.

Eleanor the puppy and the chewed card

Thankfully when Nick got out of the shower to find his card had been chewed up, he didn’t have to go to a bank branch or fill out paperwork to get a new one. He’s using Mondo, so it was quick, easy and on his smartphone.

Once he’d gone into the app and opened up the ‘Your card’ screen, he tapped ‘Freeze card temporarily’and ‘Order a Replacement Card’.

Freeze your card

His request was heard. A crack team at Mondo HQ was assembled and a new card was winging its way to him (via Royal Mail) the very same day.

So far Nick’s second card is safe, but maybe it’s only a matter of time before it needs replacing again…

We love hearing your Mondo stories!

If you’re one of our lucky Alpha, Beta or Investor cardholders, let us know about the adventures (or misadventures) you and your hot coral friend have been on.

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