Pay anyone with a Monzo account instantly. Split dinner, share the bill or just send them a little something. Every payment is secured with Touch ID or your PIN so you can be confident your money is safe and secure.

When a friend of yours joins Monzo and enables payments, we'll let you know so that you can start sending them money... or even better, receiving it from them!

What do Monzo do with my contacts?
We never send or store your full address book on our servers and we won't spam or get in touch with your contacts without your permission, nor share their information outside of Monzo. But bear in mind that anyone with your number saved in their phone will see your preferred name and photo (if you have one) in their Monzo app. If you're interested in the nitty gritty details, you can read more below.

The nitty gritty details
We wanted to build Monzo payments in the most privacy friendly way we could, while still making it as simple and easy to use for our customers as possible. We never send or store your full address book on our servers, instead using the following process to check if your contacts already use Monzo:

  1. Your device generates a hash for each of the contacts in your address book.
  2. Your device then uploads a portion of that hash to the Monzo servers.
  3. The server checks if the hash matches any existing users and if it does, sends your device a slightly larger portion of the hashed contact.
  4. Your device then matches the larger hash with its existing hash to confirm the correct contact record has been matched.
  5. If there's a match, we show you that contact as a Monzo contact. If there's no match, the hash is deleted from the server and Monzo never sees any of the contact's information.

The server never receives any of your contacts' phone numbers, names or any other personal details during this process. The only time we transmit their full phone number is when you actually send money to that person and this is fully encrypted in transit, stored securely as part of our banking infrastructure, and only sent once you've confirmed the payment using your PIN or fingerprint.

I have other questions
We'd love to chat! Message us through the in-app chat with your thoughts, questions and feedback.